Becoming A Household Name
Becoming A Household Name
Say Yes with Pamela Heath

Say Yes with Pamela Heath


Where’s My Stuff?

My biggest takeaway from this interview was the posture of asking, and expecting. “Where’s my stuff?”

Is AMMO Write For You?

If you’re an author with a handful of books published (or you’ve published nonfiction and have one book with a great program to help clients), AMMO is unlike any other program on the market. You’re going to have to work the program to find success, and bestseller status likely won’t hit in weeks of joining the program, but for many authors, AMMO is the beginning of a lucrative career that puts books first. Learn more here.


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Pamela Heath

Pamela started Strategic YES Training with the intention to give away what it took for her to give up her negative thought patterns and achieve success.

She had two children who she raised to adulthood. Her eldest child, her daughter, died in 2007. Her son, Anthony and she currently live in San Francisco, California.

To learn more about her, visit her website.

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Becoming A Household Name
Becoming A Household Name
I'm on a journey to become a household name just like the authors I love. This podcast is my story, documented in detail. Everything from the way I eat, the exercise routine I follow, and my approach to getting attention in any form, I'll share here—failures and successes alike. If you follow along, you're free to borrow anything you'd like for your own journey.